iPBX Hosting Becomes “CIRCLE” Japan’s Most Reliable Business Communication Service

iPBX Hosting Becomes “CIRCLE” Japan’s Most Reliable Business Communication Service

 iPBX Hosting Becomes CIRCLE, Japan’s Most Reliable Cloud Communications VoIP Service 

IPBX Hosting was born in 2012 as a net-based cloud service connecting physical phones.   

Thereafter, AINEO’s team developed apps for iPhone and Android.  In December 2016, AINEO rolled out the softphone for Mac and Windows. 

This made for a platform where contacts and call data were in sync across the mobile app, softphone, and hardware phones.

Therefore, we named our platform, “iPBX Circle.”  AINEO continues to innovate and in November, iPBX Hosting becomes “CIRCLE.”


Why Circle?  Like many ancient civilizations, we feel the shape of the Circle represents uniformity and completeness. It can also signify the cycle of rebirth and change, and we continuously strive to change our platform for the better.  

From a technical standpoint, Circle combines voice, video, chat, document sharing, and other collaborative features in one place.  And it does so with carrier-grade quality and security, without scraping your data for nefarious purposes.

Furthermore, we’ll begin offering voice recording as a cloud-based service. 

Effective November 1st, all iPBX Hosting mobile apps, softphones, and products will become Circle. 

With georedundant data centers around Japan, Circle is North Asia’s most reliable communications cloud.  

Thank you for using Circle Communications! 

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