iPBX Cloud Phones, The New iPhone 7, And iOS 10

iPBX Cloud Phones, The New iPhone 7, And iOS 10

iphone7colorsBeing a cloud phone service provider is no easy task.  People rely on AINEO for making sales calls, servicing clients, communicating amongst the team, and keeping important statistics on their business.

This September Apple announced the new Apple iPhone 7.  Many Apple users (and others) complain about Apple taking away the headphone jack and the fact that very little innovation seems to have happened on the smartphone itself.  At iPBX we see something very cool about the new software that has come with this phone.

In iOS version 10, we are able to customize our smartphone application so it can be function as their desk phone on any iPhone now.  That is wonderful because some people use the iPBX app on their personal mobile phones.  We see more and more companies going to BYOD (bring your own device).  That meant that if they were on a call with your client on the iPBX and your friend called your mobile number number, your client call would be overpowered by the Apple iPhone phone app and your client would be put on hold.  Very irritating for the many iPBX heavy app users.

Despite the complaints about the iPhone 7, we’re very happy to see it.  We even happier to see the new iOS because it will let us use our smartphones more effectively for our business whether were in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, or some other city around the world.

PS. If you’re using the iPBX App, be sure to upgrade your iOS to version 10 so you can be ready when our updated app comes out.
If you’re not using the iPBX Mobile app, contact AINEO to give it a test drive today.

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