Case Study: High-End Investment Firm Opens its Doors near Hibiya

Case Study: High-End Investment Firm Opens its Doors near Hibiya

Case Study: Investment Firm Chooses CIRCLE Cloud for Telecom 

This client decided on a strategic location for their office in order to provide easy access for investors and HNWI who frequent the bustling area around midtown Hibiya. Impressions are certainly important in their field so being located at a famous hotel denotes a sense of elegance and status. When moving office, they had a multitude of things to arrange and decide on:  cabling, interior design, furniture, lighting, just to name a few.  

Naturally, telecom is a major pillar of their business and they made their decision with care.  Here are a few reasons why they ultimately decided to go with CIRCLE’s cloud platform:    

  • They’re expecting to increase sales staff within the first 1-2 years and the ease of scalability with a cloud system is a definite advantage.  
  • We provided them with new 03 phone and fax numbers which they can take with them anywhere should they decide to move office in the future. (They’re not tied-down to a specific address like other carrier numbers) 
  • CIRCLE Cloud Communications is an Authorized SNOM Retailer and their CEO was impressed by both the design, functionality, and quality of these German-designed IP phones.  
  • Considering Bi-lingual technical support is also included with the service, the owner felt the cost was quite reasonable.  

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