Introducing The New CIRCLE Cordless Cloud Phone (Built By Snom)

Introducing The New CIRCLE Cordless Cloud Phone (Built By Snom)

The Team at CIRCLE has been enhancing and building our cloud communications service into the most secure and redundant service in Japan. However, one challenge over the last 3 years (since we rolled out CIRCLE), has been cordless phones.  We have tested many brands but have not been able to approve any due to various issues.  That has all changed and organizations need wireless.  CIRCLE users operate in various areas

  • Famous luxury brands in prime shopping areas and department stores around Japan
  • Athletic and outdoor brands with shops in airports, shopping malls, and other pop up stores
  • Factories and production plants with huge work areas requiring mobility and durability.  

In December, AINEO (CIRCLE’s mother company and Snom Japan Distributor) will release the Snom M25 DECT handsets.  You can find more information about the durable cordless product here.

Of course, any CIRCLE numbers can be used on any iPhone or Android unit, but some retailers and manufacturers staff just prefer not to carry another mobile phone for work, or avoid installing apps on personal devices.  The M25 resolves that issue.

For more information, please contact your location CIRCLE sales partner or contact us here.

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