How Your Company Is Losing Money With Employee Mobile Phones

How Your Company Is Losing Money With Employee Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are ubiquitous, especially in Asia, one of the fastest growing regions of the world.  In Japan, many business people carry two phones.  It started with those flip phones from NEC, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Kyocera, as well as international and other domestic brands.  With the entrance of the smartphone, started by Nokia but hit ‘out of the ball park’ by Steve Job’s Apple iPhone, the ‘mobile phone for business’ concept changed.


The two mobile phones that business professionals carried became two smartphones whether it was Android or Apple’s iOS iPhone variation.  As the next generation of business professionals entered the workplace, the idea of carrying more than one mobile phone lost its appeal.    That led to some people using a mobile phone for work as well as private life.  The wall of separation for ‘work life balance’ was broken and some confusion filled the market.


What is the best way to keep your work and private life separate?

The best way to keep your life clear is to follow these simple steps


Have a local direct dial number for the groups within your office.

• Use group dial in phone number for the team

• Give direct lines to client facing people.  Avoid mobile phone numbers and IP phone numbers that look temporary to your clients.

• Use a reliable app that gives your team direct access to each other.  (Such as the CIRCLE Cloud Comms App with voice, video, and chat all built in).

• Let client facing staff answer their own calls like a mobile phone, have a back up sales assistant or voicemail box for them if they’re not available


Having your employees using mobile phones is a risk for your business.  You can’t record the calls for training purposes, you get no analytics (missed calls, CRM integration, or activity levels), and you team misses the convenience of a cool app that they can use from anywhere at their convenience.


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