How To Keep Your Business Growing Despite the Corona Virus And Other Threats

How To Keep Your Business Growing Despite the Corona Virus And Other Threats

How Can We Be Safe From Viruses?

The Corona virus has taken the hearts and minds of many people making them fearful of getting sick or dying from the new China originated illness.  In and around China, people have been hoarding surgical masks.  In some neighboring countries, people have cleared store shelves of toilet paper, water, and other essentials.  The virus, like many other sicknesses, seems to be highly contagious and has had deadly results in China and around the world. 

As contact with other people is the leading way of how people are infected, avoiding public gatherings seems to be a common recommendation from the authorities.  The problem is people want to work, and companies need to service their customers. Otherwise, there could be loss of business for the company, and eventual loss of jobs for the team. 

In Japan, most companies are not truly on the cloud.  Many companies are confused on how to protect client data, while empowering their teams to service their clients.  In addition, the concept of working from home or remotely is foreign.  People just don’t work from home, and the technology to support it hasn’t always been implemented by the company management.

What Can We Do To Keep Our Business Growing?

The best way to keep our business growing is to be on top of your company communications.  The way you empower your players may vary based on your business types (a bank may need to treat information different than a law office, for example).  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself in servicing your clients.  Many airlines have customer service agents that work both in a central office and others who work from home.  You must have a remote worker strategy to protect your business and clients.

  1. Find a service that is cloud-based with systems spread across regions of your country  (for voice, video and chat, is Japan’s best)
  2. Make sure you’ve got apps for Android and iPhone, as well as Mac/Windows Apps
  3. If you’re going BYOD (bring your own device), know the benefits. It’s cheaper to have your employees provide the device.  But if you’re concerned about data breaches, it’s best if the company provides the device or computer to do the daily work on.
  4. Encourage your team to have a room or quiet area in their house or neighborhood to focus on their work
  5. For those accessing client databases, use a VPN (virtual private network) to protect your customers.  Shut if off for those who have lost a computer/device.
  6. Consistently remind your team that cyber security starts with them.  They must be careful about what links they click, and watch where the originators of email and chats are coming from.

If your organization will just spend a little time working through a strategy, you will be able to ‘immunize’ your team from major threats.  People won’t have to commute to an ideally, central location to be able to work.

There is more to talk about when we talk about preparing your business and team to work remotely.  Changing from geographic to virtual business practices makes good sense.  Done right, your clients will never notice or care as long as they get the help they need.

If you’re interested more in how else you can virtualize your business, let us know.  The place to start is your voice (telephone system), video, and chat.  There is no better service than CIRCLE for communications.  Contact us here for more information. 

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