How to Become Productive and Be Satisfied

How to Become Productive and Be Satisfied

We all get way too much email. It’s just out of control from the secretary to the CEO. At iPBX Hosting (AINEO Group), we provide business email that we call Bizmail that helps you better coordinate and collaborate with your team.

Let us share a few ideas that may help you get become more productive and satisfied with how you get things done each day.

  1. Create an archive folder to empty the items responded to in your inbox.  Keep your inbox empty (It will load faster for you on mobile devices).
  2. Train people you work with to leave you off of email threads (or email ‘chains’) that you find unrelated or unnecessary.
  3. Unsubscribe your company email from all news letters (this is the best way to use free email services like, Gmail, etc.)
  4. Use a separate email account for personal email (avoid free email services)
  5. For banking, it’s best to have a completely different email address (then you can ignore those phishing emails that come to your other accounts)
  6. Don’t copy people on everything.  If you really want to let them see you responded, just add them to the BCC.
  7. Drop the ‘Dear’ and the ‘Best Regards’.  Just get to the point and avoid long messages.
  8. Avoid adding meaningless disclaimers to your email.  It is just a distraction from your message and email is NOT secure
  9. Use filters to automatically auto-delete or filter email from groups who keep sending.  Don’t be afraid to let your system tell
  10. ‘Touch it once’ is the best way to engage with your email.  Reply, forward, delete, or archive.  Don’t let it hang around your inbox.
  11. Don’t click on any suspicious links or attachments.  This is how malware infects you now by sending you to malicious websites.

Of course, there are many other ways you can effectively use your email.  If you’re not using a corporate grade email service provider definitely look at using Bizmail.  It will allow you to share and collaborate with you team.

The above steps will help you to be more effective and finish your work each day knowing that you have your email under control.

You can find more about iPBX Bizmail here.

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