How Gateway Computer (GWC) Overcame Wuhan Corona Virus

How Gateway Computer (GWC) Overcame Wuhan Corona Virus

Gateway Computer Corporation (GWC)  is a 40 year old company that has been providing engineers, hardware, software, IT engineering talent and help desk support to it’s clients around the nation.  Thousands of companies rely on GWC for their IT needs.  Although, running the latest systems and software at clients to help their business is the biggest priority, it’s not always easy to keep up on internal systems for the GWC team.  One area that tends to get forgotten or delayed  in Japan is the phone system.

Just before the Wuhan Corona virus, Gateway Computer made probably one of the most important business decisions in it’s history.  GWC management decided it was time to throw out the NEC PBX phone system in the office and replace it with something cloud-based.  Years before, they had worked with a big American-based tech firm but had difficulties with customer service and had to scrap the migration to the cloud.  GWC found CIRCLE Cloud Communications at  trade show a couple years before.  In December 2019, Gateway implemented their cloud based voice, video and chat communications systems on CIRCLE. 

With CIRCLE Cloud Communications, GWC was ready for the Wuhan Corona Virus (COVID-19) threat that shut down the markets.  How did cloud help the business?

The phone system was in the cloud and no longer another computer in the office to maintain.

Back office staff were quickly able to work from home or wherever they could get system access.

Engineers and sales people quickly had their mobile apps activated via email and could use company mobiles or even personal mobile phones

Current phone numbers were ported to the new service

Integrated chat with their existing numbers that everyone knew helps keep the sales, back office, and engineering teams synchronized. 

Although the virus threat showed the beauty of allowing your team to work from anywhere.  The biggest point was the GWC’s team is able to service their clients from anywhere in Japan.  Gateway has been so impressed with CIRCLE that they have decided to introduce it to their clients.  You can find their website here.

All systems go and taking off at Gateway Computer!

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