How Bad WIFI Can Mess Up Your Business Communications

How Bad WIFI Can Mess Up Your Business Communications

It  seems that WIFI or wireless internet is nearly as common as water these  days.  Wherever you go, there is always internet access.  WIFI speeds can  range from fantastic connections that you can watch high quality streaming  movies on, to very slow internet that pages of websites load very slowly  or just stall.

In our company, we had some substandard WIFI access points mounted on the ceiling around our Tokyo. We had built our new Tokyo office and opened it in November 2019. It’s a great place to work. But we couldn’t say the same about our WIFI. We are a CSP (communications service provider) so we provide phone, chat, and video services over the internet to some of Japan’s best companies, universities, hospitals, hotels, and even famous brands. Our services has to be more reliable than anything else you can get and our available anywhere in Japan or even around the world.

When you use VoIP services on WIFI it can be very hit and miss. For our Tokyo office we didn’t notice when it got bad. It just seemed to always be that way. If you were connected to WIFI and got a phone call, people would frequently comment that they could not hear us clearly. That the phone quality was choppy and cracking.

WiFi Access Points Can Bottleneck Your Company Internet Speeds

We decided to replace our WIFI access points with products that our customers use. We chose Ubiquity for this job. One of our guys configured the new access points, another pulled a new cable and connected the new access points in the existing places. All our APs (access points) are mounted on the ceiling for the best coverage.

Now you can use CIRCLE on our internal WIFI and it sounds great again. What did we learn?

  • Bad WIFI is very obvious when you use VoIP services
  • It’s best to quickly replace hardware that doesn’t work well. Some cheaper brands do tend to wear out quickly
  • The more people in your facility, the more access points APs you should add.
  • No matter how good your internet connection, bad access points can slow your access and services. They are a bottle neck.
  • We STRONGLY recommend that you use a VPN service for public WIFI. Here’s one some of us at AINEO use.

Screaming fast Ubiquity WiFi

Now the CIRCLE partner service team can use their mobile apps without having to switch off WIFI. If people are having a hard time hearing you on your VoIP service over your home or office WIFI, isn’t it time for you to upgrade?

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***PS. Remember IPV4 plays best with Communication Service Providers’ VoIP services.

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