Going Mobile In Japan- More Than Just Mobile Apps : A Brompton Bicycle Review

Going Mobile In Japan- More Than Just Mobile Apps : A Brompton Bicycle Review

Business Is All About Mobility
At iPBX Hosting, we are all about mobility.  The flexibility of iPBX Circle users allows our partner clients to call, chat, video conference, and do projects from anywhere in the world.  iPBX Hosting was born in Tokyo but enjoys popularity with people in Osaka, Nagoya, and around Japan.  Retailers use our 050 numbers for their stores from Hokkaido to Okinawa. iPBX is all about being contactable, mobile, and conveniently secure.

From The UK With Love
Recently, a mobility product from London England has caught our eyes.  It’s not a communication device, but it does get you places to communicate with your clients.  iPBX leaders have been running around the world on the Brompton Bicycle

The Brompton Bicycle was designed and patented in the UK, and is a true folding bike.  There are many cheap folding bikes on the market from Dahon or branded as Ferrari or Hummer.  However, the majority of these bikes may fold in half but they are not manageable.  When you are going between the streets, the subway, the train, a bus, or even a plane the Brompton Bicycle is a true folding bike.

What Makes the Brompton So Great?
The Brompton was designed to fold into thirds.  It folds into a small suitcase-sized brick that can easily be picked up by the saddle seat and carried nearly anywhere.,  The iPBX team has taken the Brompton bike on many subway rides, elevators, and even jet rides across the oceans.  This year our Brompton has been outside Japan to these cities.

  • Stockholm
  • Amsterdam
  • Portland
  • Houston
  • Washington DC
  • Minneapolis
  • Beaverton
  • Atlanta

Stockholm was certainly the best side to ride in so far.  Hopefully, one of us will be able to experience Berlin sometime soon.

The Brompton is more expensive than the average folding bike, but the quality standards and the design are excellent.  Using the iPBX Circle mobile app gives you more access to your clients (or team) anywhere in the world from wherever you are. But the sales points for the Brompton Bicycle in Japan are:

  1. It can easily be taken on buses, trains, or jets
  2. It never has to be left outside to rust, be stolen, or have parts taken
  3. Has a great 6-speed version that will allow you to zip around Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya faster than any of your teammates can get somewhere by bus or train
  4. It’s a bike that you can always have with you

The Brompton Bicycles at iPBX Hosting are seeing a lot of services. No product is perfect and then there are things to be aware of:

  1. The Brompton is typically 12 KGs so it can get heavy if you try to carry it up or down stairs (Recommend using the elevators)
  2. Some airlines may try to charge you an extra fee if you tell them you have a bike (the Brompton case is the same size as a standard suitcase).
  3. It’s fast to get around with and you can zip past cyclists with larger wheels, however, it really is best for the city dweller

At AINEO, the iPBX Hosting holding company, we only sell what we believe in and can stand behind.  The Brompton is a great product and falls into that realm.  We will continue to blog about products that you can use as you enjoy the freedom of iPBX Hosting, JAPAN’s fastest growing cloud phone services for businesses!

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