Expanding CIRCLE Cloud Phones In Nagoya!


Expanding CIRCLE Cloud Phones In Nagoya!

We love Nagoya @AINEO!  The Chubu area of Japan is considered one of the most difficult areas to do business if you weren’t born there.  However, several very smart companies recognized the beauty of CIRCLE Cloud Communications back in 2018 and have been recommended Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service to their clients, friends, and even family in Nagoya and it’s surrounding areas.  

Evidently, our sales partners in Chubu are succeeding.  We are SOLD OUT, and now have to expand our capacity so we can address the new users that want to use CIRCLE.  On 11 July our engineers expanded our Nagoya data centers to add more people.

At CIRCLE, our goal is to give our partner clients full inbound and outbound capacity so they never miss a client phone call, chat, or video.

Special thanks to team Nagoya!  We’re excited to work with you!

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