Enjoying Japan’s Hanami at iPBX Hosting

Enjoying Japan’s Hanami at iPBX Hosting


Unless you’re a skier or a snowboarder, like some of us here, the majority of people love Spring. Of course, even the winter sports fans love Spring. Spring season is especially fun in Japan because of our tradition of having parties under the blossoming cherry trees as the weather warms up. We call these get togethers “Hanami”.

This year it was great for the iPBX team to go to the local park and enjoy some good food and drink and catch up with each other. So much has happened since our Hanami party of last year!

It’s very exciting as every day to be a part of the iPBX team at AINEO. Since last Spring we’ve
-iPBX Hosting.com now receives hundreds of visitors each day
-Every day our team talks to people interested in putting their PBX/phones into the cloud to have BCP, BYOD, and get Japan’s most reliable and cost effective service.
-iPBX Osaka service started. You can now get 06 are code phone numbers
-iPBX partner resellers have increased and are recommending Japan’s best cloud phones to companies all over Japan.

So much has happened in one year. We’re excited for Spring and another great year in the cloud!

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