Dale Carnegie Japan Training- Best In Class For A Reason

Dale Carnegie Japan Training- Best In Class For A Reason

Dale Carnegie Japan (DCJ) is a training organization led by long time Japan resident and author Greg Story. The company is very influential in helping leading companies- build sales teams, develop leaders in management, and teach presentation skills

In Japan, Dale Carnegie is always pushing people to be the best and have the best tools.  They have a centrally located offices and work in Japanese, as well as English.  Technology is an essential part of every business professional’s tool box.  Times are changing and things are all going to cloud.  DCJ was ahead of the curve and took their phone system to the cloud back in 2013.  Unfortunately, the cloud PBX phone company that was selected did not deliver as promised and was not responsive to DCJ’s occasional requests for support for the business.

In July, DCJ ripped up the contract in frustration knowing they couldn’t settle for a substandard service when they are a company that empowers other businesses to have best-in-class services.  DCJ carefully reviewed the Japan market for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), otherwise known as cloud phone companies. After evaluating three companies, Dale Carnegie selected iPBXhosting.com and the iPBX Circle platform and now runs phones, mobile apps, chat, and fax all over iPBX Circle’s geo-redundant cloud in Japan.

Relationships take work.  For service providers (especially cloud-based) support, reliability, and a future path to growth are essential.  Dale Carnegie made a tough call to change their systems.  Companies MUST REMEMBER, what you have to compromise to keep in your business that will hamper growth. To find out how to optimize your team, visit DCJ here.

Now Dale Carnegie Japan enjoys Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone network!

Welcome aboard DCJ!

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