CRM and CTI and the cloud

CRM and CTI and the cloud

Here are some thoughts on CRM, CRI, and cloud PBX.
The desired result is one that shows how our relationship with our customers can make our own business more efficient. So far, it’s been more common to see evolved technologies being formed through a cooperation of sorts rather than each technology growing in an isolated environment.

The base of that comes from communication. This may come from email, phones, voices, or our database. By converting to cloud, although a certain company may not know how a technology works, or even have communicated with the creator of that technology, they can still use it. From both the cost side and efficiency side, it has gone through big changes.

The problem still is that with the technology used, how to support it or implement it to be still the latest and the greatest in the future is major. I believe that when choosing what maker’s technology to use, considering that maker’s plans for the future becomes a big point.

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