Construction company of the PBX or telephone

Construction company of the PBX or telephone

It has been said that companies that deal PBX services and/or phone related construction services number in the thousands.Roughly counting, there are about 100,000 Japanese companies who all require PBX exchange services, support, and insurance every few years.

In this era where cloud PBX is in, the roles of those Japanese companies become important as well. Customers want to use their currently existing business phones or PBX machines because those machines already have their customized settings and data accumulated within them. Very few begin with a office that has had no PBX machines to start with. Most companies choose between replacing their existing PBX machines, or keeping the machines and converting them to be compatible with cloud PBX.

More importantly, the fact that we have the trust of our customers as end users in their companies is very big. If the plan from that construction company was cloud PBX, in most cases the end user customers choose to implement it immediately. However, when a construction company’s plan involves replacing the PBX, it results in the service being rejected altogether.

The key point is that to implement cloud PBX services, what kind of relationship you have with the phone construction company is important.

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