Coming Soon!  The Freedom Gateway

Coming Soon!  The Freedom Gateway

Coming Soon!  The Freedom Gateway

If you’ve used a phone in Japan as a company and moved, you’ve noticed a irritating bottleneck.  When you move across some unseen line at a certain street or property line, the telecommunications company forces you to change your phone number.  Technically, there is absolutely no reason to have to change.  However, this is a classic example of The Menu Mindset, you can read about that here.  Someone made a rule, and the rest of us in Japan have to suffer with their silly rules.


Moving Your Office or Expanding

When a company moves in most other countries, such as the US, they will take their phone numbers with them to the new office or premise.  Whether it’s across the street or across the state, they keep using the same number.

Most organizations want to be able to use their phone numbers (we used our phone numbers in Tokyo for 18 years before migrating to more flexible iPBX Circle numbers).  However, they have not been able to migrate the numbers to whatever service they want.  They get shafted by a near monopoly telecommunications provider in Japan.


Introducing The Freedom Gateway

iPBX Hosting was founded by AINEO Networks in 2012.  We can port many numbers to our service but there are sometimes silly limitations.  Therefore, AINEO will be introducing the Freedom Gateway.

The Freedom Gateway allows a company to continue to use their existing phone numbers with Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service.

Do you want to keep your numbers but rid yourself of those expensive phone systems (PBX)?

There is no reason to get stuck with a service that doesn’t give you great apps, mobility, and collaboration features.

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