What Is Cloud ??

What Is Cloud ??

So what’s the cloud? Even I as the writer didn’t know the answer to this question till about a year ago. On cloud-related things, it would only be in passing that iCloud or Dropbox would come up in my head. This cloud that we’re hearing so much about recently, but don’t really know too well is something I would like to make as the topic for this discussion.


When referring to “the cloud”, it is a shortened version of the term cloud computing. Up till now, data was stored and managed in our computers. Because of that, when a computer crashed, if no back up had been stored you would have lost all your data. Also, when viewing saved data, you had to use the actual hardware where the data was stored to view it.

And that’s where the cloud comes in. The cloud basically saves all your data on the internet. By having all your data online, even if your computer were to crash, you can simply restore all your data from the internet. Even better, by just having a internet connection, you could access your stored data anytime, anywhere. Now , you could access your data not just with a computer, but even from a smartphone or tablet.

Realize that most people are using services from the cloud. You may even be on the cloud without actually knowing that you are. For example, free mail services such as those offered by yahoo or google are all running on the cloud. When you’re on your iPhone and backing up your address book through iCloud, you’re on the cloud as well.

What’s the Merit?

Now, what’s the merit of using the cloud for your business?

Lowered Costs- With servers and other expensive software unnecessary, you can avoid the cost of the equipment, shipping, and repairs altogether.

Speedy Implementation- Since planning and construction is unneeded, you can smoothly and quickly implement your services.

Increased Convenience- Gives a lessened burden to the specialized tech staff to keep things up and running.

What’s the Demerit?

The cloud is of course very convenient, however, there are some demerits. Though it does vary according to each service, a cloud-reliant, internet existing management company, for example, would have unreliable security and uncertain resiliency.

This is a very general discussion of the cloud, but by reading this if you feel like you would like to try it out, please consider the points below.

Our iPBX Hosting Service uses the cloud for the use of office phones. By using the cloud, the problems that often come up with calls over the internet such as sound quality, security, reliability, and resiliency, are no worries at all.

-High quality sound

-Secure Phone System

-Reliability in areas with low bandwidth

-Resilient service that meets the needs of our clients

When your office is thrust into an emergency situation…when your phone system is unaccessible with a sudden blackout… resolve that problem altogether by putting your phone system on cloud. For more details, please< view > our page.


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