Cloud PBX services as BCP

Cloud PBX services as BCP

The best response to BCP is our cloud PBX service. Many companies say the word BCP to determine the safety of their employees in the event of some disaster. Its actual meaning is basically a plan that allows their business to keep running even when a disaster happens, but most companies use it to determine the safety of their employees. However, if a disaster were to happen, it is very likely that the use of the company phone/fax service would become unavailable. This can cause a company to gain huge losses. As a solution to this problem, taking out the PBX from the office may be a huge help, By keeping it in the office leaves it vulnerable, and makes the company take a huge risk. With our cloud PBX service, the phone number itself is saved in the cloud’s data center, so even if a company were to go through some natural disaster, it would still be possible to use the company phone number.

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