Clearing The Smoke Out Of Businesses- Long, Happy And Healthy Teams

Clearing The Smoke Out Of Businesses- Long, Happy And Healthy Teams

Smoking has been an issue in Japan for some time.  There were many heavy smokers who actually smoked tobacco in the office through the 1990s spewing the deadly haze out into the work areas making their team mates sick and stinking of smoke when they went home to their families every evening.

Thankfully, things have changed since then. Some companies have used office space and put in smoking areas, others have purchased equipment (Qlean Air is particularly popular) or buildings having fenced off areas for smokers.  

Then arose the complaints from non-smokers in Japan of why smokers were taking frequent breaks to satisfy their addiction during working hours away from their desks.   It has just not been fair to the non-smokers. Coupled with the fact that some of those who smoke would return to their desks smelling up the surrounding work area with the stench of cigarette smoke doesn’t help.  People have been noticing.  Tokyo’s Governor brought it to the forefront recently where reports reports that only 1/5 of Japan citizens smoke, as opposed to 50% 50 years ago.

In the last couple years, some of our team have experienced family loss as members of their families died young due to extensive smoking.  Others have experienced health issues due to smoking tobacco. Companies in Japan are taking action.  More on NHK in English here

As a high tech cloud service provider, AINEO leadership would like to do something positive.  Rather than have to see our team mates struggle with health issues and/or even premature death, we will make changes.  Although, not the first in Japan to act, AINEO will no longer consider candidates who smoke.  In addition, our team will help those smokers that remain break free.

Life’s good, life’s an adventure!  We will encourage our team to be free from substance abuse and enjoy long, exciting, and healthy lives!

AINEO is officially smoke-free! 

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