PC Softphone user guide

Download the app

1. You will receive an email with a subject line [Welcome to iPBX Circle Desktop].

Follow the link and proceed to download.

2. Once installed, enter the username and click “Activate with code”. Once the activation code has arrived to your email, enter the code and activate the app.

This completes the download.

Standard view and Attendant view

1. both views are inter changeable using the “view” tab in the top menu bar. In the standard view, call are viewed in the calls tab. In the attendant view, calls are viewed on the screen on the left.


Make a call

Enter the number you wish to make a call in the search bar at the top of the app. You can make a call by pressing “enter”.

Call from contact list

Calls to extensions can be made by clicking the phone icon on the right of each user on the contacts screen.

Answer calls

Once received a call, the following screen will pop up.  Respond to incoming calls by clicking the phone icon.

Place call on hold

Place a call on hold by pressing the pause icon. Once on hold, the pause icon is replaced with a play icon. Press the play icon to release the call from hold.

Answer a call intended for a different person

Attendant view: Pick up a call by clicking the phone icon shown in the call screen.

Standard view: Move to the call tab. Click the icon shown below (far right) to pickup calls.

Transfer calls

There are two ways to transfer a call.

One is to transfer a call after talking to the intended receiver (Transfer a call as a mediator). Another is to transfer a call directly without talking with the receiver (Blind transfer).

Transfer a call as a mediator (Standard view):

Call the intended receiver while talking. The caller will be automatically placed on hold once the user has made the call.

Transfer a call as a mediator (Attendant view):

1. Click and open the call screen of the caller (not the receiver of the transferred call) and click the transfer button to make a transfer.

2. Enter the number / contact to transfer the call and click the transfer button shown on the screen. This will complete the transfer.

Blind transfer (Attendant view):

Drag and drop the call screen to the user that will receive the transferred call. This completes the blind transfer.

Blind transfer (Standard view):

1. Click the third transfer button from the left. The caller will be on hold.

Blind transfer (Standard view):

2. Go to the contacts tab and click the green arrow button on the right of the intended receiver. Once the phone number is shown, call transfer is completed by clicking the phone number .

Cancel transfer

The user can cancel transfers only using the “transfer as mediator” method. Cancellations are not allowed for Blind transfers.

Once transfer is made, the following screen will be shown. If the intended responder does not respond or if the user wishes to cancel the transfer, by canceling the call to the intended receiver, it will go back to the original call.

Conference call

1. Add the contact you wish to add to the initial call. First press the + button.

2. By pressing the + button the following screen will be shown.

3. Next, call the user you wish to add to the conference. During that period, the caller will be put on hold.

4. After calling, click the + button to add the opponent to the local meeting.

5. Click the play button if the following screen is shown as below:

6. If the meeting starts, the screen will switch to the screen shown below:

7. To end the call to a individual user, click the end call button shown on the user’s right side. Then only the user selected will leave the call. To end the conference, click the end call button on the right end of the meeting screen.

Listen to missed messages

Click the inbox or call history to show the list of missed calls. To listen to missed messages, press the play button in the call history

Create Stream

The stream feature allows users to share files, chat, condut web meetings, and manage To Do lists.

The basic function has restrictions on the number of users who can chat and web meeting capacity. Contact our sales representatives. To unlock the full features.

By creating a stream, the user can create a group that is accessible by members.

1. To create a stream, click the + icon on the screen.

2. Enter the stream name on top, add users to add to the stream and click “create”.

Using stream

1. The stream function allows users to chat, share files, manage tasks, and conduct meetings.

2. By clicking the icon on the top right, you can change the members and notification settings.

Share files

In the shared folder, users can share multiple types of files such as pdf files and power point slides.

1. To add a new file, open the shared folder and drag the file from your local storage to the screen. Or press the “add” button on the top left. To add the file from a folder, press “computer” after clicking the “add” button.

Manage tasks

1. Enter a task into the “add task” input field and press enter to add a task. Change the order of tasks by clicking the icon on the left of “add task” field.

2. By clicking the created task, the user can add deadlines and comments to the task. To complete a task, click the tick mark on the left of the task. It will move the task to the “completed” folder.

WEB Conference

If a conference is started, the default browser on your PC will start up but we recommend to use Chrome.  Safari and Firefox don’t work as well.

To start a conference
Click the meeting tab and enter the input fields.

By pressing the “begin meeting ” button, the browser will start up.

Schedule a meeting

Click the calendar mark on the right side of the group you wish to start the conference and select “new meeting”. Click “schedule” after entering the schedule for the meeting.

The following box will be shown once the specified time has arrived. Attend the meeting by selecting the method you wish to attend.

*To schedule a meeting with out a existing stream group.

Click the calendar mark on the right of the stream screen and add members to create a meeting.

Change password

A drop down list will show once “tools” on the top left of the screen is clicked. By clicking the “my profile” tab, a web site will open that will allow you to change the password.

Add contacts

1. Click the tool on the top left to show the drop down list. By clicking the “add” tab, the following required inputs will be shown. Enter the inputs and click “OK” to add a contact.

*For users using Japanese: When entering a company name in Japanese, add a space between “株式会社” and the company name.

○ 株式会社 アイネオ
× 株式会社アイネオ

* Similarly, when entering a name, enter first and last names to different fields to enable search on the full name.

2. Select “favorites” or “contacts” in “select type and add”.

“Favorites”: It will be shown in the contacts screen.

“Contacts”: It will be not be shown in the contacts screen. It will be shown once the user searched the name.

3. Click the pen icon on the bottom left of the screen to edit the contacts on the contacts page. To delete the contact, click the garbage-can icon to the right.

Change ringtone

There are no default ringtones available to choose from.

To change a ringtone, first, save audio data as a WAV file to your local PC. Then change the ringtone by following the below steps:

tools > option > audio

Change ringtone device

1.Connect the device you wish to play the ringtone. Then, select “tools” from the top navigation bar.

2.Select “options” from the drop down list under “tools”. Then select “audio” from the left side menu.”

3. Select the device you wish to play the ringtone in the “speaker” and “headset” tab.

Connecting the headset

1.Connect the headset to your PC. Then select “tools” from the top navigation bar.

2.Select “options” from the drop down list under “tools”. Then select “audio” from the left side menu.”

3.Select the headset under the “speaker” and “headset” tab.

*If the headset is not recognized or audio does not go though the headset, please restart the PC softphone by clicking “files” on the top navigation bar and selecting “Close”. Then open the PC softphone once again.

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