How to use the mobile app

Make a call

Tap “Dialler” from the sidebar or tap the dial icon on the contacts screen to open the key pad. Enter the number you want to call and tap the call button at the bottom to make a call.

Receive a call

Once received a call, a screen will be shown indicating “iPBX Circle audio”. tap the respond icon to receive the call. This will open the app.

Register a contact

In the settings menu of the smartphone, open iPBX Circle. If you accept access to contacts on your smartphone, the app will automatically add the contacts to the iPBX Circle app.

If you add a new contact to the smartphone, you will be able to search the contact through the iPBX app. (Enter both First and Last name when creating a new contact. Unless both fields are filled, it will not be reflected on the app.)

Call an extension number

Tap the user you want to call from the contact list. By pressing the “call” icon, you can call to an extension number.

Call from a contact registered on the phone

Tap “contacts” in the sidebar and enter the name of the contact in the search bar. Tap the user you would like to call and tap “call” to make a call.

Call from call history

From the sidebar, select “Call log”. Tap on the call icon on the call history to make a call.

Listen to voicemail

From the sidebar, tap “Voicemail”. tap the play icon on each voicemail to listen to the message.

Hold a call

During a call, tap the “hold” icon. Tap the “hold” icon again to resume the call.

Transfer a call

During a call, tap the “hold” icon and then tap the “new call” icon.  This will open the contacts screen. Please choose a contact to transfer the call by tapping a user on the contact list or entering the number using the key pad.

Once the intended transfer is made, the transfer screen will be shown. By tapping the transfer icon, the transfer is complete.

How to change activity status

By changing the activity status, the user can choose to receive phone calls or send received calls directly to voicemail.

  • Available: receive calls.
  • Busy: receive calls will be directed to voicemail.
  • Out of office: receive calls will be directed to voicemail.

How to use streams

Tap stream from the sidebar.

By using stream, the user will be able to chat, share files, manage tasks and conduct web meetings.

Create a stream

tap the icon on the top right and tap “Create new stream”. enter the name of the stream and users you would like to add. Tap the ✔ icon to create a stream.

Edit a stream

tap the icon on top right in the chat screen to edit the topic title and users in the stream.


Enter text into the input field and tap the “send” icon on the right of the input field to send texts. To upload files, tap the + icon on the left of the input field and select the format to upload.

Manage tasks

By tapping the To-Do tab in the chat screen, the user can manage several tasks.

To create a To-Do task, tap the + icon left to the input field and choose “To-Do”. By tapping the created task, the user can add deadlines and comments to the task. Once the task is complete, close the task by tapping the check box of the task.

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