CIRCLE Cloud’s First IP Telephone

CIRCLE Cloud’s First IP Telephone

The team at CIRCLE Cloud Comms is pleased to release our first branded IP Telephone to the Japan market.

The new CIRCLE D735 hits the right notes thanks to its timeless design and the two modern color variants – this telephone is on the cutting edge, both technically and in terms of appearance.

The high-resolution color display is surrounded by eight multicolored function keys that you can label yourself.  It supports both Japanese and English as well as many other languages.

In order to constantly show the user all the important information they could need, the CIRCLE D735 has a built in motion sensor – our first VoIP telephone to have such a feature!  As soon as the user’s hand approaches the display or the function keys, the display springs to life and automatically shows all the relevant key assignment information. When you move your hand away again, the display reverts to its normal mode. This smart sensor expands the functionality of the D735 enormously and supports the user in their day to day activities.

Of course, the CIRCLE D735 also benefits from the tried and tested HD audio quality that has become standard for our telephones. Thanks to this quality, you would be excused for thinking that the person you’re talking to was sitting right next to you! This is made possible due to the integrated ‘Digital Signal Processors’ (DSP), which optimise sound quality in real-time, filter out background noise and do so much more. Three-way conferences are also possible with next to no effort.

The CIRCLE D735 also has an integrated gigabit switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, as well as a USB port so you can swiftly connect accessories, like USB headsets, to the device.

The CIRCLE D735 is a compact all rounder and is perfect for all possible uses thanks to its modern and smart functions, as well as the timeless design and color variants. The new, optimized firmware allows each user to forward calls at the touch of a button, initiate conference calls or mute the telephone temporarily.

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