Check Out The New CIRCLE Smart Phone App- Voice, Video And Chat

Check Out The New CIRCLE Smart Phone App- Voice, Video And Chat

It has been an amazing year for CIRCLE!  In addition to the hundreds of companies onboarding to our VoIP service each month, a famous competitor closed their business down adding thousands of additional users to the phone service that was even better than what they had.  All the onboarding has been distracted our software development team and delayed our releases, until now!

We are releasing the open beta version of our CIRCLE Cloud Comms App on the Apple iOS store and Google’s Play store.  If you’re using our old iPBX CIRCLE app, please be sure to install the new App and give it a whirl. The beauty of CIRCLE is you get the same experience on iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac.  Chat, video conferencing, and voice (your current telephone), all in one place!

If you see iPBX Hosting on your version, you’re on the old version.  Check out the new CIRCLE app!  

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