CEOs & Cybersecurity: Event Report

CEOs & Cybersecurity: Event Report

On July 17ththe German Chamber of Commerce AHK Japan hosted a luncheon at the Conrad Hilton in Shiodome. The theme of the event was, “Why CEOs should understand Cybersecurity.” Lorne Fetzek, a seasoned veteran specializing in information security solutions, led the presentation.  The Managing Director of AINEO Networks, Spencer Wolfe, also hosted and presided over the event.  With all the high-profile hacking incidents in recent years, this is certainly a timely topic affecting organizations both large and small.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber security should not be thought of in a linear or static fashion.  Threats are constantly changing and evolving so a comprehensive and wholistic approach is necessary. Just buying a trendy solution does not guarantee safety.
  • Be diligent about changing passwords often, password strength, using 2-factor authentication, etc. Also be aware of one’s connections and “digital footprint.” It’s best to be cautious about adding people who you don’t know on FB, Linkdin and so on.   
  • C-level Executives need to lead by example and help foster a work environment where employees know what to watch out for and are careful about safeguarding company and client information.  Secretaries and assistants are often given considerable access to sensitive info so its important they have adequate training.
  •  The human factor is the weakest link -> Every company has a “Bob” that will click on anything!
  • There is no magic bullet to protect against any and all malicious threats & actors.  Cybersecurity is about analyzing and mitigating risk.  A policy needs to be in place to identify a possible breach and minimize disruption/damage in a timely manner. 
  • Internal IT staff may feel threatened if an outside firm conducts a security audit. Management should be cognizant of that and frame it in a positive manner if they order a pen test from a 3rdparty.  

After the presentation, Mr. Fetzek and Mr. Wolfe had a sit-down discussion.  

Of note was a case in Japan where JAL employees at multiple levels in the organization were fooled by a very legitimate-looking email. Also, there were some systemic / communication issues that ultimately led to the oversight and economic loss.  

A brief q & a session followed thereafter with interesting questions being brought up by attendees and the hosts in turn offering appropriate advice.  

As the afternoon progressed, we enjoyed our coffee and dessert.  Thereafter, we had a great chance to network with individuals from a variety of different industries. 

Another solid event from AHK Japan

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