Can An iPad Pro Replace A MacBook Laptop?

Can An iPad Pro Replace A MacBook Laptop?

Can An iPad Pro Replace A MacBook Laptop?

If you’ve been like us, you’ve probably not had one but several of the various iPads.  The original came out without a camera which we all knew was probably marketing planning.  Camera’s came out on version 2.  Then there was the iPad Mini (probably Japan’s most popular sized iPad), the Touch ID features, the retina displays and various other features targeting at getting us to by another iPad.

Companies have embraced the iPad.  Interior companies carry iPads to display their furniture catalogs, some restaurants have used the tablets to automate the ordering process, and many business people have used iPad to show presentations to potential clients.  However, iPad sales went down when most people figured out an iPad was an observing device, not a content creating device.

Then Apple came out with the Apple iPad Pro line up.  The iPad Pro units are designed to keep up with the business person.  They have a faster processor, better graphics, 4 speakers instead of 2, and new connectors for the Apple Smart Keyboard and compatibility for the Apple Pencil that debuted along with the iPad Pro line up.

Can the iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop?

The answer to that question depends on how you use your laptop.  If you are browsing the internet, listening to music or watching movies, or doing emails for work the iPad Pro is excellent.  The Apple Smart Keyboard is a bit small, but you can certainly get rid of that lap top when you travel.  However, if you do a lot of modifications of files such as Word, JPG, or other items having a laptop is a better choice.

The Benefits To The iPad Pro Are

  • Apple Pencil is very nice for quickly editing a document and saving or sharing with your team to fix.
  • Size is very nice for having with you at all times
  • Battery Life is excellent giving a full day of work.  However, looking down at a tablet all day is not a good idea or ergonomic
  • Device is always on and ready for you at any time
  • Taking notes it’s nearly like using paper


For the price point, we’d recommend just going with a small MacBook 12 Inch and a good spec.  The iPad Pro costs about the same price or more.  If you want to have the latest technology and don’t mind paying the price, then you’ll enjoy the iPad Pro.

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