Bluetooth headset that really rocks, and answers calls too

Bluetooth headset that really rocks, and answers calls too


If you’re using a an iPhone (or an android for that matter), chances are high that you not only make it phone calls with your phone, you also probably also listen to music.

Having a good headset is a must. In the early days, most people were probably drawn to the smartphone, especially the iPhone, due to this integration of music and phone. You got your phone and in the box came a set of headphones, earphones, or what some people now call earbuds. Headphones are okay, but the probably is you are then wired to your phone.
With Bluetooth, we’ve all discovered wireless headphones that cut us lose from our phones. The problem was they were not that good. However things have changed.
Plantronics, the company famous for headsets for contact center agents gave us a headset in November called the Backbeat Fit. []

The Backbeat Fit or BBfit is has great battery life, works very well and is very well designed, . It’s good for exercise and listening to music. However at the same time it works very well for phone calls. The best part it is all wireless. You put the headset on your ears, then hold the power button. The Headset tells you that it’s connected via bluetooth and how much power it has (high, middle, or weak charge).

As you exercise, the headset connects to your iPhone. You can listen to your favorite music or podcast. When a call comes in, the music goes down and you touch the button on your right ear to answer the call. The left ear button allows you to play, stop, start, and increase or decrease your volume. The best part about the product, it works very well with the iPBX Mobile App, anytime and anywhere! You can answer, make and conference all from the headset. We don’t know how Plantronics has done it, but despite not having a mic near your mouth on this headset, the noise canceling does a great job of blocking the various external sounds around you. Very conference on one of those conference calls or when you use the iPBX conference bridge for collaborating.

Our conclusion on the BBfit from Plantronics… finally, there’s a bluetooth headset that works seamlessly with iPBX and the Apple iPhone!

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