Are Apple’s AirPod Wireless Headphones Any Good?

Are Apple’s AirPod Wireless Headphones Any Good?

Are Apple’s AirPod Wireless Headphones Any Good?

If you are using a smartphone, you’ve probably discovered you now have a pretty powerful computer in your pocket.  At iPBX Hosting, we provide a deskphones, customer service over the cloud, and many other things you can use over those android or iOS smartphones. We see a few business professionals using Android but the majority are Apple’s iOS.  Apple’s iPhone comes with a set over corded headphone just as most any other device.  They have a built in switch for stopping or starting audio and turning up and down the audio.


Some people use the standard headphones throughout the life of their phones, while others lose, break, or somehow ending up going through multiple pairs of headphones.  When it comes to headphones, we’ve tried many types.  For wireless, typically nothing really worked that well for anything more than just music.  We’ve tested headphones from Apple, Plantronics, Sennheiser, and Jabra.  The sound quality has been good or better than Apple’s standard earbuds, but for wireless voice calls, the person on the other side of your Bluetooth call thinks you are in the bathroom or some other strange place as the quality is mostly bad.


Apple bought the Beats headphone brand but Apple isn’t exactly known for making great headphones or producing great sound quality.  Recently, despite being the world’s most valuable company by stock market standards, they have been producing poor products.  The Apple watch is mediocre.  The recent MacBook Pro is considered sub-paar by the professionals awaiting the product refresh.  The macOS, iMovie, and many of Apple’s other foundation software has gone the Microsoft way, bloated and buggy.  But what about these new over-priced AirPods?  Are they any good?


The answer is Yes!  Apple’s AirPods seem to show that there is some innovation left in that company.  When you wear these speakers in your ear, they look like Apple just cut the cords to their standard headphones.  However, in these expensive little wireless earphones you have speakers, microphones, and an amazing compression codec.  What does that mean?


  • You store your wireless headphones in a dental floss sized case that keeps them charged.
  • Once or twice a week you plug in the case to standard Apple Thunderbolt cable
  • Your music streams wirelessly from your iPhone 6 or 7 (we’ve not tested the 5)
  •  You can talk using the earphones and have the same experience for the caller as if you put the phone next to your head

For using the AirPods with the cool iPBX Hosting App, they’re excellent.  You can use the collaborate features of iPBX Circle and cut the wire.  The best part is that the voice quality is good and despite being on a headset it like you’re no longer on the headset.


If you’re innovative company, you’re either already on iPBX Circle or considering signing up.  The AirPods are expensive but definitely worth the month.  Even in a crowded environment, it is amazing how the headphones pick up your voice and block out the others.  Great work Apple!


There is still a bit of work.  Using SIRI to control the volume and give voice commands is a bit awkward but with iPhone being such a huge part of Apple’s revenue, we’re betting Apple will continue to augment this product.  After all, they did take away the audio jack from the latest iPhone.   They must want to push everyone to wireless.  As wireless is not always reliable and carrying adapters is a pain, we’re hoping Apple will bring back that audio input.

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