Announcement: Quick FAX service maintenance construction

Announcement: Quick FAX service maintenance construction

Thank you for using QuickFAX!

Our internet-based facsimile service has been very popular with great companies nationwide.

As the numbers of partner clients using QuickFAX has dramatically increased since rolling out our service in 2016, AINEO will be migrating our services to new servers in our datacenters, expanding capacity, and working on adding Japanese language to the portal menus (we hope to have the language added by year’s end).

In order to perform this expansion, we will be taking systems offline on:

26 September (Saturday) 0000am to 0800AM

QuickFAX will be inaccessible during these times.

If you need any of your past fax data from the current servers, please download your data as a back up before 26 September.

We will be making other changes to make QuickFAX better, so you will see further announcements.

QuickFAX Systems Development
CIRCLE Partner Service Team

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