ANNOUNCEMENT iPBX Hosting Becomes Circle Cloud Communications

ANNOUNCEMENT iPBX Hosting Becomes Circle Cloud Communications

ANNOUNCEMENT iPBX Hosting Becomes Circle Cloud Communications (Nov Upgrades) 

9 October 2019 

With many thanks to thousands of users around Japan.  The AINEO Team has a big announcement to make. 

Effective November 1st, iPBX Hosting will become Circle Cloud Communications.  Circle is a business unit of AINEO Networks. 

Effective immediately, you will see a steady trickle of changes in our websites, mobile apps, soft phones, billing systems, and analytics reports.  

iPBX Hosting becomes Circle as Circle allows you to call, chat, video conference, share docs, and much more. 

Circle is named for the collaborative groups in Japan called “circles” for learning languages, Bible study, sports, and other topics of interest. 

In parallel to our new name new features are coming! All of the datacenters around Japan will be upgraded to our new platform.  What will you see? 

• If you’re a desk phone only user, nothing changes.  Encrypted, clear communications as always. 

• Softphone and mobile app users will see an enhanced app on your smartphone and Mac/Windows machines 

• Our platform upgrade will enable us to provide voice recording for your team! 

• Your customer service, sales, and any other group in your organization who may need digital copies of your business communications 

• New reports and analytics to better manage your business (or non-profit) 

Circle is already Japan’s only geo-redundant cloud business communications system. 

Circle is getting even better as Japan’s fastest growing cloud PBX. 

Please be ready to see a few flashes as our team works towards the complete system upgrade scheduled for the weekend of 2 November. 

Our team will be busy Nov 2nd and Nov 3rd. We’ll keep you posted of any other developments. 

Thank you for using Circle Communications and keep collaborating! 

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