Power Up Your Sales Road Warriors

Power Up Your Sales Road Warriors

Business travel used to consist of carrying a laptop (Notebook PC) to the airport, running it through security, and working on the plane as we travel from place to place.  For those of us in the train societies, it is very similar just less the the security hassle of the airports.

Now we travel with a laptop and at least one smartphone.  Other business people travel with a smartphone, laptop, and a tablet PC for reading or presentations.  The challenge is most hotels have few electrical outlets and the Apple or Samsung chargers that come with the Smartphones charge slowly and definitely can’t handle the recharging of an iPad, Galaxy Tab, or any other tablet.

After much research, we finally discovered an adapter that will allow you to charge a smartphone (so many people use the iPBX Circle app), a tablet, as well as give you a couple plug ins that will allow you to use the unit in one a place with limited connections.  For the road warrior, we recommend the the Kashimura AJ 531.  It gives you:

  • Support for power in any nation 100-240V
  • Two USB (A) Connectors
  • Supports charging of up to 3 Amps
  • Allows you to connect up to three additional AC power cords

You can run iPBX on your Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone and get the same experience across the devices.  However, to be successful in business, you’ll need to charge your computer devices.  😉

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