A Walking Tour Of London

A Walking Tour Of London

Traveling on business seems to be a cycle.  It’s not always that sexy to travel as you have to many times work two time zones.  The cycle from your home is a trip to the airport, flight to another city, transport from airport to hotel, sleep, then back and forth between the hotel and the meetings you are in the city to visit.   

Recently, part of the iPBX Circle team at AINEO was in London for meetings with other CSPs (Communications Service Providers).  As there were additional meetings in the next week, we had to stay over the weekend.  Usually, staying over the weekend just means time away from the family and doesn’t have much appeal.  However, we had heard rumors about the depth of history, architecture, and raw economic power of the once ‘ruler of the modern world’, the United Kingdom. 

Instead of spending the weekend in a hotel room as we’ve done so many times, we were introduced to company that knew London.  Not just knew where Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Eye of London was, they really knew London. We met the boss, Mario, of Mario’s City Strolls for what turned out to be an afternoon adventure in Westminster and the City of London (not to be confused with Greater London). 

Although, our group was small, Mario spent the time with this little group from Japan to show us the history, the architecture, and the influence that Great Britain had and how they took it to the bank.  It truly was the British Empire for a reason.  London is a very rich city. 

You always hear about bad food and bad weather in London.  The weather can certainly be wet, but if you have the opportunity to visit London, we highly recommend you do it.  The hotels are very overpriced so maybe better to find other places to stay. 

It was very refreshing to absorb a significant amount of information about the city you were visiting for a change.  The beauty of it was that we were always in contact.  We just bought a local mobile SIM and were always available when we needed to be.  Below are some of the things we learned in London with the pictures to match.   

Special thanks to Mario’s City Strolls for helping us to compile it.  Here we go! 

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