A Review Of Garmin’s New ForeAthlete 745 Smart Watch Vs. The Apple Watch

A Review Of Garmin’s New ForeAthlete 745 Smart Watch Vs. The Apple Watch

Watching the people around Tokyo, you will see a lot of Apple watches on the wrists of the locals and the international community in trains, restaurants, and around town.  The Apple Watch is definitely the cleanest and prettiest product, if you don’t mind the short battery-life.  It’s good for exercise, notifications, for responding to your questions via SIRI, and even as a stand alone phone if you buy that cellular version.  However, if you are more of a gym rat, cyclist, or runner you may find one of Garmin’s smart watches as a better option.  Why?  Better battery life and visibility outside make most Garmin GPS watches a product that you can use without fear of losing power.  Besides, a round watch just seems to look more accurate than the Apple Watch’s look like a cough drop tied around your wrist.


Garmin has an extensive line up of GPS watches.  We compared the Apple Watch to the Garmin Fenix line here.  [https://circleip.com/en/which-is-better-garmin-fenix-or-the-apple-watch/ ] In this post, we cover the Garmin ForeAthlete 745 (also known as the ForeRunner 745 in other markets).  It is a new product with a better display and different buttons from it’s predecessor the Garmin ForeRunner 740.  The 745 if tagged on the box and in the marketing materials as a Runner’s watch.  This is bad marketing on behalf of Garmin.  They did a similar thing with the Fenix 5s and Fenix 6s calling them ladies watches when the smaller size of the watch is actually normal sized.  Garmin also put a band on the Fenix 5s and 6s that was too short… maybe because they were targeting ladies instead of the men that were actually buying.


What’s New About the Garmin ForeAthlete 745 (Garmin ForeRunner 745 in the US)?

The New GPS watch says it’s a runner’s watch but it is also great for cycling, swimming and many other sports.  It keeps the step counts and stairs you climb in check similar to the other Garmin watches, but it has a cool new feature.  The Body Battery. 

The Body Battery calculates how tired or refreshed you are based on your vital signs such as pulse rate.  The bluetooth connection between the watch and your smartphone (remember it works well with both Android and iPhone, unlike the Apple Watch) syncs up your data to the Garmin Connect app.

 Looking at the Apple Watch, it’s got a pretty display, it’s clear, it’s nice.  But it’s Apple, so there will be a new version of it out next year.  Now that they finally got an AOD (always on display), they will probably roll out a version which battery lasts longer than one day.  The Garmin’s have displays are designed to last for a days (sometimes up to a week).  The new Garmin ForeAthlete 745 has an even better display where they have borrowed from the new Fenix 6s style of displaying your exercise results.

Apple Watch or Garmin 745?

If you a serious exercise buff that doesn’t want to mess about with frequently charging your watch, then you’d be wise to go with the Garmin Forerunner/Foreathlete 745.  If you want an extension of your iPhone with a lovely display and refined case, then the Apple watch is for you.  The Apple Watch has some great features for exercise as well as the Apple ecosystem they are building where you can get various workouts for a monthly fee.  One great feature for mac users is AWatch wearers can set their mac computer to automatically unlock when they get close to their computer.

However, for overall if you want a watch to tell the time and your work out progress, the Garmin 745 is a great new option for you.


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