A Great Alternative to Zoom.us For Video Meetings

A Great Alternative to Zoom.us For Video Meetings

With all the virus fears circulating the world, people on lock-down, and in some case even some people passing away, working from home has become a must for millions of professionals. There are many choices, but it’s difficult to decide on which one to use. The current champion of the VC (video conference) wars is clearly Zoom.us. They have the easiest to use offering on the market that just seems to work.

For us @ AINEO, with internal meetings, video, document sharing, chat, and phone service, we recommend CIRCLE. No zoom needed, voice, video, and chat all in one place. For dealing with people outside of our cloud, our solution is a bit clunky (queue to wake up Mitel!). Most people want their phones integrated. We have used zoom for outside conferences but have watched the various security issues arise (ie. Mac client had some sneaky code slipped in), but there has been more. One tech site questions, Maybe we shouldn’t be using Zoom.us?

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, Gotomeeting, Cisco Webex, so many choices. If, the champion, Zoom has got some questionable issues, what is best alternative for VC? We’ve been using the US company 8×8’s service https://8×8.vc/ for a few months (company name is Eight By Eight). It is pretty darn good and completely free.

Why is 8 making their service free? It seems they used to promote Zoom.us with their service for video. 8×8’s main business is VoIP in the US. When Zoom announced their phone service it must have made them competitive, so we guess 8×8 gave them a bit of their own medicine and jumped into video.

The beauty of 8’s service is it works on Chrome (Google’s spyware browser) and Firefox natively. No need to install any apps or plug-ins. It’s also an even slicker intuitive interface than Zoom. It does seem to have some development still going on (for example, it seems you can’t change your profile pic via browser).

If you want to avoid the risks of Zoom divulging your privacy, we recommend you take EIGHT https://8×8.vc/ for a test drive. More importantly, if you need voice, video, and chat all in one place, CIRCLE is hard to beat. You can contact us here.

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