Good things about the Legacy PBX

Good things about the Legacy PBX

There are many good points about Legacy’s PBX service and business phones. Of course, there’s the fact that they have adapted according to the changing needs of Japanese culture for over 100 years. Looking at it from an international perspective, it is rare for a PBX service to have over 600 different phone machines. This is connected to the way work is done in Japanese offices and their specialized rules.

For example, what is common in Japan but very uncommon internationally is the existence of company employees whose job is just receiving calls. In overseas offices, as a principle they have a direct dial-in line. They have no phone numbers of the representative on their business cards, just the number for the dial-in line. Often these overseas offices have phone machines that have the option of changing call tones already built in.

For overseas made SIP phone machines, there is only one pattern for sounds, and have the option of changing the pitch to change how you hear it. There is almost an uncountable number of specialized options that Legacy’s PBX services have. However as a result, the number of options actually used on the business phone become very few, increasing the number of unnecessary options as well.

Putting it in Japanese business terms, this is an end result of Galapagosization, or the development of an internationally available product becoming so specialized that they are only popular in their home areas. Likewise with smartphones, competition between Japanese makers is what has brought these products to these points.

Looking at it from the economic or efficiency standpoint, or even from the software and service provided, it can be seen that cloud PBX is better.

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