8 Recommendations For Keeping A Good Quality of Life (QoL) During Times of Fear and Panic

8 Recommendations For Keeping A Good Quality of Life (QoL) During Times of Fear and Panic

At AINEO, our most important asset is our people. Our team has built Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service., CIRCLE Cloud Communications.

With the virus threat and various other issues in the market place, we have stayed very connected to the leadership of our partner clients and other c-levels as well as monitored government and media sources. Things tend to be mostly unclear in times of fear and panic. That does not mean every one has to be pulled into it.

As fear persists in the marketplace, we have some personal recommendations to you can use to avoid getting caught in panic.

  1. Purchase food for about 20 days so you don’t have to rush the super markets. Canned food, flour, rice and other things you normally eat and store well.
  2. Store 3 cases of bottled water in a cool place (6, 2 liter bottles per case). Adjust based on your number of people at home.
  3. If you have a car, keep your gas tank full. When you go by the gas station, top it off
  4. Exercise every other day (Something to get your heart rate up such as swimming, cycling, fast walking or running)
  5. Turn off your computer and TV, sit and talk with your family each morning or evening.
  6. Install a good cloud phone service at your company so you can talk to your clients and team anytime. We recommend CIRCLE www.CircleIp.com
  7. Make sure you have a fast reliable internet at home. If it becomes slow at night (about the time your neighbors are getting home), find another service that is not overloaded or ‘best effort’.
  8. If you smoke or drink, quit. Your family and friends will thank you for not stinking anymore. Your spouse will thank for burning cash on things that destroy your body and bank account.

There is much more we can recommend. We will save that for a later date. We believe with a bit of planning ahead, random acts of kindness, persistence, and diligence, we can all overcome any fear or panic that tries to engulf us.

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