Costeffective Call From Berlin

Costeffective Call From Berlin


For the international travel, iPBX Mobile is essential to keeping in touch with your team as well as your clients in Japan. Some of our team were in Germany for meetings this week. With iPBX we were able to make and receive calls seamlessly with our partners in Japan via the hotel Wifi. To keep things cost effective, we used internet access throughout Berlin at the various shopping malls, coffee shops, and meeting venues.

Berlin is a large city in size and spread out. There is a lot of history due to the division of the city back 30 years ago with the rivaly between the Russians and the Americans. It also has a deep history with the Brandenburg Gate as well as the seats of government. There is also a huge shopping mall and plenty of museums in the city if you have a day or so at the beginning or end of your business trip to Berlin.

It is wonderful that with iPBX, you are never out of touch with your clients back in Japan while you work on your business in other countries. For those who are married, you can even keep in touch with your family back home in Japan as they can call your number in Japan.

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