What is a CIRCLE PC Softphone?

The CIRCLE PC Softphone is the ultimate all-in-one telecommunications tool.

With the PC Softphone, you can easily make/receive calls, put on hold, and transfer calls with three clicks. The generation of having a physical handset is coming to an end.

The Benefits of the PC Softphone

Easy, simple, and straight forward

Instead of dealing with messy phone line cables, you can download our PC softphone application in just a few clicks.

Reform Your Work style & be ready to telework

Since you now have a portable office phone on your computer, all you need to do is connect your laptop/desktop with Wifi, and Voila.

Going on a oversea’s business trip? Working from Home?  If you’re connected to stable Wifi, you can use the office number from anywhere.

Lowering Costs

No need to purchase PBX or servers anymore.

If you’re using the PC Softphone, you don’t need any hardware.

We support BCP!

If there’s ever a natural disaster or a pandamic preventing you to go to the office, fear not! You can work from home using your PC Softphone.

CIRCLE PC Softphone’s Benefit


Phone Calls


    • Can easily put a call on Hold
    • Can easily transfer a call
    • Multiple simultaneous calls possible
    • Flip calls between PC softphone & mobile app
    • Changing your Calling ID between numbers
    • Extension Transfer
    • Call Pick Up
    • Incoming Calls Log



    • Use Chat for quick short messages
    • Improve communication within your department with chat*
    • Share files, contacts, and photos*
    • Whiteboard*
    • Notes*


  • *Stream is an extra function




    • You can pick your presence
      • 🟢 ‘Available’
      • ⛔’Busy、Lunch、Out of office、In a meeting, Vacation’
    • While you are on ⛔, the caller will be taken to an answering machine or a designated number.
    • Can customize what happends to calls for a specific presence


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